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Angels of each day and month

Angel Gabriel governs the month of January 
Angels are part of our daily lives. Would you belief that there are angels believed to be a major force for each month and day?  What are the characteristics of these angels?  Let us take a look.

Monthly Angels

• Angel Gabriel – he is the believed to oversee the month of January.  In Islam, he is regarded to be an Archangel and the deliverer of the Qu’ran  to Muhammad.  He is also referred to as the spirit of truth.  He is called the Angel of Resurrection.

• Angel Barchiel- he is the angel for the month of February.  He is called as the “Bringer of Hope.”.

• Angel Machidiel -  for the month of March, it is Angel Machidiel.  Literally, the name means “Fullness of God.”  He is associated with stamina, courage and bringing cheer. He is also known to be the Angel of Courage.

• Angel Asmodel – he is the angel for the month of April. He is often referred to be the Angel of Patience and brings the spirit of rebirth.

• Angel Ambriel – the guardian for the month of May.  He is the guardian or angel of communications.  This is not about communication, like in a cellphone.  It is about awakening or getting in touch with the inner truth.

• Angel Muriel- is the guardian or angel of Emotions and rule over the month of June.  He encourages emotional awareness and urges close emotional relationships like friendship and family ties.

• Angel Verchiel- the angel for the month of June is actually the Angel of Affection.  He brings the gifts of nobility, affection and a generous heart.

• Angel Hamaliel- the angel for the month of August is the Angel of Logic or Perseverance.

• Angel Uriel- he is the angel for the month of September. He is called as the Angle of Ministration and Peace. He restores peace, especially with the painful memories and past.

• Angel Uriel- the angel for the month of October and also known as Barakiel.  He is an angel that can grant success, fortune and luck.  He is also a very jovial and happy angel.

• Angel Uriel- the angel for the month of November is also the Angel of Independence. He is also known to be the Angel of Humility.

• Angel Hanael- the angel for the month of December literally means “glory.”  He delivers or takes our prayers in a higher level and make sure that they are answered.

Daily Angels

Aside from monthly governing angels, there are also seven angels for the week.  Some could be the same.  Here are the following daily angels.

• Angel Michael – is the angel for Sunday. Archangel Michael’s name literally means “like unto God”.  He has the rule over rain, wind, fire, thunder and lightning.

• Angel Gabriel – is the angel for Monday.

• Angel Cameal/ Camael- the angel for Tuesday.  He is the angel for pure love.  He can raise depressed and sinking spirits.

• Angel Raphael-  his name means doctor or healer, he is also called the “healing power of God.”  He is the angel of Wednesday.

• Angel Sachiel -  the angel for Thursday has a name which means “the covering of God.”

• Angel Anael- the angel for Friday is also called the Angel of Air sometimes he is referred to as the Angel of Love.  He actually caries a bow and arrow for enamouring other people’s hearts.

• Angel Cassiel- the angel for Saturday and the Angel of Temperance. 

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