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How Mainstream Media Affected People's Views about Angels

The media plays a great role in forming people's minds and in influencing their beliefs. You may have been introduced about angels through various media forms like movies, television shows, books and various websites on the internet that tackle about this topic.

The manner in which your minds can be influenced by how the media portray these spiritual beings can be compared to how advertising works wonders. If you own a company or you have a product that you want people to know about, you will rely on various advertising mediums in order to successfully relay your message to the buying public. Your main goal is to make them believe so that they will buy from you. This way, your business will prosper and you will stay in the industry longer.

Mainstream media has shaped people's views of angels 
Through advertising, people become aware about certain products that they can well in fact live without. But through the wonders that commercials presented various products, the appeal becomes too tempting to be able to resist. You may be able to hold back and decide not to buy the product. But the company will only level up on their schemes to make you want to get hold of what they are advertising about.

Instant Hit

Due to the fact that the media have utilized the concept of these spiritual beings to the fullest and it keeps on doing so, this means that people are really interested to know more about them. If the idea is not selling, the media will stop using the concept. But as you can see, until now, these spiritual beings are still being used on movies, television shows and even on advertising gimmicks, whether on broadcast or print.

The concept is really simple if you will think about it. You no longer need to dig deep about its theories and origins to be able to believe about their existence. All you have to do is open your eyes to the wonderful things happening around you, especially at times when you least expect wondrous things to occur.

Simple Idea

It all boils down to this. Angels are assigned by God to each person to guide and protect them. Your guardian angel is responsible in reporting how you have been and offer prayers on your behalf. They are always looking at you. Your parents were right all along. If you will only be good, you will definitely make your guardian angle happy and proud of you.

It was during the 5th century on the Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite that Christianity developed the concept of tutelary angels as well as their order and hierarchy. The concept and ideas that surround these spiritual beings had undergone refinements and changes since the 400s. October 2 was set by the Roman Catholic Church as the memorial for the guardian angels according to the calendar of saints.

Your Own Beliefs

As you grow old, you will develop your own beliefs with regards to this topic. You may even experience some things similar to those that you see on mainstream media that will make you want to know more about it and believe that these beings were those that you have encountered. You may even die without really believing that they are true.

Different people will be influenced in various ways by the different views that are being fed by the media and other outlet that try to present the concept of angels.

How to start talking to angels

How many times have we felt that somebody is watching us.  There are moments when we feel that somebody is actually watching and protecting us.  Don’t worry, they are not stalkers.  They could be your angels.  

Angels are said to be messengers of God.  Not only do they communicate with God, but they also communicate with humans.  Actually, some would believe that everybody has their own angels.  But is it really possible to talk and communicate with angels?  Some would say that angels communicate with humans through mental telepathy and do not usually uses words to say what they would like to say.

How to start talking to angels 
A lot of people are testifying to angelic encounters and at the same time writing down their encounters so that people would also understand the supernatural beings’ calling.  Some would say talking to angels actually help them deal with challenges in their life.  They would also feel being protected from bodily harm and at the same time recovering from serious mental and physical injuries.

How do you start talking to them?  

You just start talking.  You can ask for their guidance and support through your everyday life.  You can ask for peace in life or just talk to them about how you feel and what you think about life.  Just like anybody else, you cannot have anything unless you ask for it.  Sometimes all you need to do is just ask.

Now, communication is a two-way process.  You talk, others listen.  But you have to listen too.  Listening to angels does not need to be aloud nor require psychic powers. Angels are said to communicate through mental telepathy.  So to hear and understand them, we would have to listen very hard.  Some would meditate to be able to hear their angels.

Aside from listening, you could also try understanding different things that fall on our path.  Angels work with coincidences.  Angels would put things on our path, that sometimes we would ignore.  We need to pay more attention to these “coincidences”, since these may contain the answers and the messages that we are looking for.

When these situations happen to us, our first reaction would be fear.  Fear for the unknown and fear of failure.  But we must be ready to accept, receive without any expectations.    Let us enjoy the symbolisms that angels have provided us and understand their meaning and their relevance to our lives.

Actually, our angels may have been talking to us for a long time already but we fail to either listen carefully or understand their signs. We are living in a very fast-paced life, than even cooking for more than 15 minutes is a luxury of time.  We can find it difficult to allot time to listening to something that we are not sure that we ca hear anyway.

We have to have faith.  Faith is very difficult to hold onto.  It is also something challenged in today’s world and culture.  With the very much improvement of science and technology, people seem to be doubtful of the divine.  Aside from meditation, prayer is also an effective way of getting in touch with your angels and with God.

Talking to our angels is not to get even with somebody or get rich by winning the lottery, it is to enrich our souls and lives and help those who are also having the same issues like us.  This is actually a road to a better life.

Facts About Angels

Angel facts
People regard them as guardians, for others they are sentinels of good that champion truth and justice, but for most, they are heaven’s messengers but do we really know if they really exist, here’s how to look at some facts about angels.

Since time immemorial, the existence or even just the belief of angels have captivated and lingered on in the minds and lives of many people. They do come in many names from seraphs, archangels, cherubs, guardian angels, spirit and messenger among others, but they all are perceived as just one and the same.

Many claim to have had ‘real’ experiences with angels, mostly in a spiritual nature and believe that their existence is as important to us as human beings in need of spiritual guidance and protection, especially with the notion of a higher spiritual being or deity that exists to appeal to a man’s need for a higher being.

There’s no definite information that teaches us how angels first existed, but it surely can be traced back to the history of man and the stories that come along with it.

They have been commonly perceived as spiritual messengers of a supreme divine entity, for which traditions and beliefs usually debates as to whether angels have their own free will or are just out to follow the supreme entity’s will.

Although many believe that angels carry on various appearances, depending on a people’s culture, tradition or belief, however, it does have one common denominator, that it takes on the shape of a human being.
This is mainly so because most people believe that angels were previously humans in an earlier life and took on the form of an angel after passing over to the afterlife.

Over time, different religious cultures have their own ideas and beliefs regarding the existence and characteristics of angels, from Christianity to Judaism and mostly every other religious discipline and has developed concepts of various similarities that make the concept of angels popularly held across all cultures.

Most of these principles revolve on a common principle of a ‘messenger’ tasked to do the work of a deity.

But in most cases, the most popular concept of angels are held strongly by the Christian faith.

This is strongly evidenced in Biblical scriptures that lend proof of their existence as messengers of God and has since then gained popular following among many devout Christians.

A similar traditional belief has is also being mentioned in post-Biblical Judaism, with almost similar  significance and principles as that of the Christian faith.

It was believed that early Christians inherited the Jewish idea of angels and in the early stages of Christianity, the concept held of an angel took a different twist as angels being messengers of God and a reflection or manifestation of God.

As time passed, angels then came to be individual messengers of God, with among those most commonly identified as Michael and Gabriel, among many others.

These angelic descriptions later took shape through studies in theology and popular art and centuries later, church leaders declared that angels belonged to different categories, with specific activities and missions that were assigned to them.

Other popularly held concepts of angels are carried on throughout the Christian world and has earned the respect of many Christians, regardless of whether angels exist in real to make contact with people or not.
But one thing’s for sure, these facts about angels are as important as our understanding of faith.

Angels of each day and month

Angel Gabriel governs the month of January 
Angels are part of our daily lives. Would you belief that there are angels believed to be a major force for each month and day?  What are the characteristics of these angels?  Let us take a look.

Monthly Angels

• Angel Gabriel – he is the believed to oversee the month of January.  In Islam, he is regarded to be an Archangel and the deliverer of the Qu’ran  to Muhammad.  He is also referred to as the spirit of truth.  He is called the Angel of Resurrection.

• Angel Barchiel- he is the angel for the month of February.  He is called as the “Bringer of Hope.”.

• Angel Machidiel -  for the month of March, it is Angel Machidiel.  Literally, the name means “Fullness of God.”  He is associated with stamina, courage and bringing cheer. He is also known to be the Angel of Courage.

• Angel Asmodel – he is the angel for the month of April. He is often referred to be the Angel of Patience and brings the spirit of rebirth.

• Angel Ambriel – the guardian for the month of May.  He is the guardian or angel of communications.  This is not about communication, like in a cellphone.  It is about awakening or getting in touch with the inner truth.

• Angel Muriel- is the guardian or angel of Emotions and rule over the month of June.  He encourages emotional awareness and urges close emotional relationships like friendship and family ties.

• Angel Verchiel- the angel for the month of June is actually the Angel of Affection.  He brings the gifts of nobility, affection and a generous heart.

• Angel Hamaliel- the angel for the month of August is the Angel of Logic or Perseverance.

• Angel Uriel- he is the angel for the month of September. He is called as the Angle of Ministration and Peace. He restores peace, especially with the painful memories and past.

• Angel Uriel- the angel for the month of October and also known as Barakiel.  He is an angel that can grant success, fortune and luck.  He is also a very jovial and happy angel.

• Angel Uriel- the angel for the month of November is also the Angel of Independence. He is also known to be the Angel of Humility.

• Angel Hanael- the angel for the month of December literally means “glory.”  He delivers or takes our prayers in a higher level and make sure that they are answered.

Daily Angels

Aside from monthly governing angels, there are also seven angels for the week.  Some could be the same.  Here are the following daily angels.

• Angel Michael – is the angel for Sunday. Archangel Michael’s name literally means “like unto God”.  He has the rule over rain, wind, fire, thunder and lightning.

• Angel Gabriel – is the angel for Monday.

• Angel Cameal/ Camael- the angel for Tuesday.  He is the angel for pure love.  He can raise depressed and sinking spirits.

• Angel Raphael-  his name means doctor or healer, he is also called the “healing power of God.”  He is the angel of Wednesday.

• Angel Sachiel -  the angel for Thursday has a name which means “the covering of God.”

• Angel Anael- the angel for Friday is also called the Angel of Air sometimes he is referred to as the Angel of Love.  He actually caries a bow and arrow for enamouring other people’s hearts.

• Angel Cassiel- the angel for Saturday and the Angel of Temperance. 

Biblical Facts About Angels

One of the most notable and significant proof about the existence of angels are actually the famous Biblical facts about angels.

Among the most common questions governing such are the age old questions like What are angels? How and why were they created? What do angels do?
Since time immemorial, man always held a strong and devoted fascination for angels and similar spiritual beings.

For centuries, many popular and renowned artists have tried to immortalize the image of angels on canvas and murals.

The Bible contains many facts about angels
But it would come as a surprise to many once they get to realize that the Bible describes angels invoking a much more different description of angles as with how they are typically and artistically rendered or presented, like cute and cuddly babies with wings and draped in white cloth.
Here are some common Biblical facts about angels.

One may not be aware, but the Bible has made 273 references to angels and although we do not aim to get to each and every one of those descriptions and references, we hope to show some examples that provide proof of angels in the Bible.

The first reference can be found in the first book of the Bible, where everything else started – the Book of Genesis.
In the second chapter of Genesis, it mentions ‘Thus the heavens and the earth, and all the host of them, were finished’ to which the term ‘host’ refers to the description of God’s spiritual messengers commonly known as angels.

This is also cross – referenced in the first chapter of the new testament book of Colossians where it says ‘For by him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things were created by him and for him.’

The Bible also provided reference to the fact that angels were created to live for eternity, as stated in Luke 20:36 .. nor can they die anymore, for they are equal to the angels and are sons of God, being sons of the resurrection.

One proof that angels were present when God created the world can be found in Job 38:1-7 where it says that “Then the LORD answered Job out of the storm. He said: ‘...Where were you when I laid the earth's foundation? ...while the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy?"

It is also a fact that angels cannot marry or be bethroted to someone as stated in Matthew 22:30 where it says that ‘At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.’

Angels are also wise and intelligent, as the Old Testament book of  2nd Samuel 14:17 that says “Your maidservant said, ‘The word of my lord the king will now be comforting; for as the angel of God, so is my lord the king in discerning good and evil. And may the LORD your God be with you.”

Also in Daniel 9:21-22 while I was still in prayer, Gabriel, the man I had seen in the earlier vision, came to me in swift flight about the time of the evening sacrifice. He instructed me and said to me, "Daniel, I have now come to give you insight and understanding."

These are just some of the Biblical facts about angels and there are even more similar entries you may find in the Bible, so go ahead read and discover.

Basic Ideas about the Concept of a Guardian Angel

You may be skeptic about the idea, but you can’t help but notice and wonder if guardian angel really does exist. There have been many reading materials and people’s testimonials when it comes to this idea. If you are interested to find out more about it, you can start your search on the web to gather basic things that you need to know.

You will be in for a surprise once you have searched for this topic because you will be presented with many cases and proofs that they do really exist. It is believed that this kind of angel is a spiritual being that is assigned on each individual to be their guide and to assist and comfort them in times of problems and trouble. There have been various books and movies that tackled the topic.

Guardian angel watching over a child 

Up to this day, it is still unknown if every person has several angels or if an angel looks after several people. Whatever the truth is and whether you believe in the concept or not, this is still part of life that is mysterious yet amazing.

One's idea about this may vary, depending on the influences of various factors. These include how the media portrays this kind of being, personal experiences, other people's stories about them and a lot more.

Basic Ideas

To answer some of your basic questions about angels, here are some information about this kind of being according to popular beliefs and what have already been written. It was said that their purpose is to be there when people face the junctures of their lives. Angels come and intercept the hurdles that you are faced with and help you lead a smooth life from thereon. They help you in the process to alleviate whatever it is that you are going through. It doesn't exactly mean that they will get all your burdens and you will no longer have any problems because you have an angel guiding you.

Just the mere though of having a spiritual guide can already lift up other people's heavy hearts. There are even some testimonials that prove how some people gain extra strength in times of accidents and troubles and how they are able to do things way beyond their capacity. And these are all being attributed to these people's thoughts that angels are with them at dire times when they need an ally.

Its Origins

Since the 400s, there have been refinements as to the start and theology of angels as well as the tutelary spirits. For the eastern and western churches, they believe that these kinds of angels abide by whatever God tells them to do. They are being given assignment by God as to whom will they protect and guide. These angels present prayers attributed to the people whom they are protecting and they tell them to God. There is actually a memorial for the guardian angels that is being celebrated on October 2 that is included on the calendar of saints of the Roman Catholic Church.

This kind of belief that angels watch among people has been around since the Ancient Greek philosophy. It was then said that God sends spiritual beings to watch over each person that God has created.

All these facts and statements prove that you don't necessarily have to believe concepts like guardian angel but you will eventually understand and appreciate the idea when the time comes that you have felt their existence.